Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Tween/ Teen

Why is yoga important for Tweens and Teens?

Being a tween (8-12) or teen (13-17) can be tough. Your body’s changing. You become more peer-focused, so what your friends think starts to matter to you. Friendships deepen. Communication gets a little more subtle. With humor and irony around, you notice that there are more dimensions to interaction than you realised. There are younger children looking up to you, creating new expectations about your roles and responsibilities. You stop learning to read, and start reading to learn, realizing how little you know. Homework becomes more challenging. There’s more of a timetable of lessons. There is more emphasis on how well you are doing. You are given scores for things and can compare your own results with your friends’.  You start caring what you look like. You look at the world around you for role models, and seek to emulate others. 

Yoga helps tweens and teens understand what’s going on, giving them time to step back from the everyday, and it helps them see themselves and their bodies better in the context of their new reality. (excerpt from Cosmic Kids)

The Lotus Bud Kids Tween & Teen program focuses on helping children cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood with confidence and courage. 

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