Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Mommy & Me

A postpartum class for moms (or other caregivers) and babies ages 6 weeks to crawling to help you regain strength and energy. Our Mommy & Me classes allow new moms to enjoy yoga while interacting with their baby.  Yoga postures are specific to postpartum bodies and designed to help you get back into shape, while promoting wellness and connection with your little one.  We work on releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, rebuilding strength in the abdominals, back, pelvic floor and opening the chest. Classes also include interactive poses that help your baby with development, infant massage, and soothing music to help baby with sleep, digestion, development.   Practicing yoga with your baby during this unique and special time is a fantastic way to create and deepen the bond within your family!   (Please check with your doctor or midwife before beginning physical activity after birth).